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Help Protect Your Assets and Information from Online Fraud

  • Install anti-virus software and anti-malware programs on your computers.

  • Install firewall software to prevent the "hacking" of your computer by fraudsters looking to collect your personal information.

  • Stay current with your computer's operating system, which may contain updates and patches to close security loopholes.

  • Be diligent in tracking your transactional activity and reporting of suspicious activity.

  • Frequently change passwords associated with online and mobile banking login screens.

  • Limit access to your online banking account to yourself.

  • Never respond to unsolicited requests for confidential account login information such as IDs, passwords, and token pass codes.  Fraudsters may attempt to obtain this information by email, text message, or phone.

  • Columbus Bank never initiates contact with you to ask for your confidential account sign on information, including IDs, passwords, and token pass codes.

  • To help safeguard your confidential information do not select links in emails or text messages, download attachments, or install programs unless you are certain that they are from a trusted sender. 

  • Be aware that downloadable files from any source could be harmful to your computer or mobile device.  Be particularly cautious when opening unexpected emails from known or unknown senders.



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