Text Box: 75 Years and 
Still Growing

Text Box: Robert C. Labenz (spouse of Linda Luchtel Labenz) has served as our current president since 1988.
Another major renovation and expansion into the former Tooley Card & Drug building was completed in 1996 with the first drive-up for the main bank downtown.
The East Highway 30 Branch was opened in February 2004.
Ownership continues in the Family.

Text Box: Ownership of the bank transferred to the Bradley Family.
March 1, 1967, the Columbus Bank obtained trust powers.
Paul F. Bradley served as president from 1977 until 1981.
H. J. Luchtel (spouse of Regina Bradley Luchtel) served as president from 1981 until 1988.
Major renovation of the bank facilities was completed in 1984.

Text Box: 75 Years of Hometown Banking History
Columbus Bank officially opened its doors February 2, 1935.
Original owners were R. V. Prokop, J. H. Moeller, W. E. Barkley, L.B. Fenner and Arthur Klug.
February 1, 1938, Elmer L. Bradley., Sr. became president and served as president until 1977.